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Mike Mireles Memorial

Mike Mireles Memorial Sign


This sign that was ordered by George Kostohryz who had leased the Kenedy ranch in South Texas.  Mike was a USDA officer who lived on the Kenedy and was in charge of the hunting operation of the La Parra division.  Mike was very well known in the hunting world and a treasured friend of so many sportsman from all over the United States.  Cancer took our friend at the age of 42. This sign was erected at the entrance of La Parra headquarters and remained there until the 10 year lease expired.  Since then, Mr. Kostohryz bought a beautiful ranch around Ruidoso, New Mexico in the Vera Cruz mountains.  The sign was relocated there and recently l received this beautiful picture with the New Mexico sunset on fire!  Thank you George and believe me, Mike would be so proud.

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